Read instructions: You have to check the instructions given by the manufacturer. This will help you select the best method that will keep your blankets clean without damaging it.

Get the dust out: Before washing winter blankets, it is a good idea to shake it to remove the dust. You can use a vacuum cleaner as well to get rid of the dust.

Use mild detergent: Never use strong chemical detergents for washing winter blankets. Unless there are no stains, a mild detergent is enough to clean your blankets.

Remove stains: Before washing the winter blanket as a whole, check for any stains on it. Wash the stains off with a liquid soap solution.

Don't mix: Don't mix your winter blanket with other clothes while washing.

No bleaching: While washing your winter blanket, remember not to use a bleaching agent.

Drying: Manual wring and squeeze method may not work if you have a heavy blanket.

Professional dry cleaning: If you find any difficulty in washing your winter blankets, the next best idea is to contact a professional dry cleaning centre.