The design of your window adds a more uniform design to any room in your household. We will discuss different window top treatments known as valances. Depending on the room, you can use valances instead of full length window curtains or drapes. A valance is a short curtain that normally covers the top portion of a window curtain. Their primary function is to cover any unappealing hardware and to add more design to any given room in the house. There are many types of valances.
The rod pocket valance is made to look like a full length curtain. Along the top of the rod pocket there is a stitched casing that allows for a curtain rod. The final look created is shabby chic. The fabric is loosely gathered at the top so that it matches the design of any full length curtain. These window top treatments are the most popular around as they are the easiest to install. They are available in different patterns and fabric textures. 

The tab-top or tie-top is a valance that is designed by adding loops to the top of the curtain that can be wrapped around the curtain rod. An extra strip of fabric is added to be able to tie the valance to the top of the curtain rod. These curtains are also known as “stagecoach” because they resemble the back in the day look of moving carriages.


The swag valance is designed by draping the fabric in a semicircular motion to create a bunched-up ruffled styling. These valances can give a room a very elegant style or depending on the fabric, a more casual look. It is a modern design. 

The tailored valance is created similar to the swag valance but it has a crisp, ironed, and neat appearance rather than ruffled or distressed. These window treatments can be used solely or with a full length curtain. They are not designed to block out UV rays.

A scalloped valance is designed by similar to the tailored valance but instead of the hem being straight and neat, it is tapered. This type of valance is used to spruce up a room as they are designed using different types of fabrics and prints.


A balloon valance is similar to a scalloped valance but there is more stitching at the bottom to give the appearance of air-filled. The bottom portion has more fabric that the top to also add to this effect. They are mostly made of light-weight material like cotton. These valances can be used as a stand alone or to accommodate a full length curtain. They are not design the block out light.