Measuring for Curtains

How to measure for your curtains

All measurements should be provided in cm (unless the website gives you the option to provide the measurement in mm or inches).

All our curtain are made with a 3mm manufacturing tolerance (width & drop).

Always use a metal rule when taking the measurements.

Curtains measuring video


Measuring the width

We always advise that you measure the curtain track or pole width, not the window.


1. Measure inside width of the window frame 

2. Decide how much coverage you want to add on each side  
We recommend 5-10 inches.

3. Decide what fullness you'd like. Fullness is the ratio of fabric to the space you're covering. For example, if you have a 50" wide window and you want 2x fullness, we'd use 100" of fabric.


  • Let’s say your window is 50" wide and you want to add another 5" on each side. Your total width is 50+5+5=60"
  • Let’s say you want 2x fullness. Total curtain width would be 60x2=120". This could be one 120" curtain or 2 curtains each 60" wide, etc.
  • Pro tip: When you're ordering your curtain and you get to the width section, you can use the "measurement guide" option and we'll do all these calculations for you!

Measuring Length

1. Measure the distance from the top of the rod or track to the floor  If you're hanging your curtains on the ceiling, measure from the ceiling.

2. Decide the length of puddle you'd like  If you'd rather have your curtains not touching the floor, record  as a negative number.

3. Your final curtain length depends on the style: For ring top or pinch pleat, the curtains will hang below the rod so we subtract 1" to find the curtain length. For grommet and rod pocket, we add 1".


  • Let’s say your rod to floor measurement is 100" and you want to have a 2" puddle. 100+2=102"
  • If you're getting ring top or pleated curtains, your actual curtain length will be 102-1=101" For grommet and rod pocket, it would be 103".


  • Pro tip: When you're ordering your curtain and you get to the length section, you can use the "measurement guide" option and we'll do the necessary adjustment based on your style selection!


Fulness or gathering

Once you have entered your curtain pole or rail width, we will calculate the amount of fabric required for your curtains. Some headings require more fullness or gathering than others so these headings will require more fabric which is reflected in the price of the curtains.

All curtains are made in increments of 1/2 widths:

Pencil Pleat 1.75
Pinch Pleat 2.25
Wave Pleat 2.0
Tab Top 1.5
Eyelet 1.5

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