Who says rustic bedrooms can't be elegant too? In this post, we're sharing 5 brilliant ideas for balancing cozy rustic decor with chic elegance. Is your bedroom in need of a redesign?

A rustic bedroom is all about having a natural and comfy look. Rustic rooms often include wood paneling, neutral colors, and plants. One study shows that indoor plants reduce overall stress.

A house with a rustic theme should feel like a home. You don't have to go completely rustic. Homes that are too rustic can lose their sense of chic appeal.

It's wise to include modern elements into a rustic bedroom. Modern furnishings take a rustic bedroom out of a vibe that is "too country."

You don't want to feel trapped in a bedroom you don't like. It's time to give your bedroom an update. In this article, you will learn five elegant rustic bedroom ideas.

1. Add Decorative Pillows to Include Modern Accents
Rustic rooms are known for their neutral colors. Brown and white are two colors often seen in rustic homes.

Having the right bedding adds a perfect rustic appearance to your bedroom.

Including throw pillows is an inexpensive way to add extra color and style. Rustic decorative pillows are a perfect blend of rustic and modern appeal.

2. A Humane Approach to Certain Rustic Bedroom Ideas
You'll often see animal rugs on the floors of rustic homes. A more humane approach is to make use of faux animal rugs. You'll save a lot of money and no animals are harmed, win-win!

Another common element in rustic rooms is the mounted animal head. A modern take on the animal head is to use plastic animal head molds.

Paint and design these molds to show off your creative side. You have the freedom to use the colors you want.

3. Install a Wooden Accent Wall
Not every home has rich wooden paneling. Many suburban homes are built with drywall. You don't have to re-wall your home to get a rustic look.

Accent a part of your bedroom wall with wood paneling. Place multiple panels together to create an accented wall.

4. Use Light and Dark Colors for Balance
A rustic room filled with wooden décor often appears too dark. Balance is an important thing to think about when designing a room.

You can balance out the darkness of a rustic room with light colored linens. White linens offer contrast to rustic rooms.

Mixing light and dark wood shades add color while keeping it rustic. If you're on a budget, painting and staining wood yourself is a great idea.

5. Curtain Choice Is Important
Curtains are a major choice when thinking of rustic bedroom ideas. Plaid curtains are a popular choice for rustic homes. Wildlife themed curtains add a sense of nature to more modern bedrooms.

An important element of a rustic room is natural light. You want curtains that add extra color without being a distraction. Shades of dark red and green work well to accent natural rustic tones.

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