Most of 2021 was spent in a lockdown due to the global pandemic. We’ve all learned to adjust to the “new normal” of staying in and working from home. Being stuck in our space in isolation, we are making extra efforts into making our homes more comforting and liveable. Our homes that our now our safe havens always needs an upgrade.

How many times have you walked into your room and wondered what you can do this week to make your space look different? How can you give your home a make-over within budget? Well, here’s a quick and easy fix for your dilemma – cushions.

The Make-Over

Cushions, an otherwise seemingly mundane piece of accessory but, when placed correctly can be a game changer for your interiors. Adding cushions or changing cushion covers can instantly change the look of the furniture housing it. Strong, robust colours and vivid patterns can make your room look bolder and brighter whereas mellow, pastel cushion covers can act as a complement to the accents and structure of your furniture.Whether it is experimenting with colour blocking your cushion covers or mixing and matching different patterns on neutral furniture, the world of cushions is your oyster. Picking the right combination can make dull upholstery instantly pop to life. A little glitter hurt no one! A jazzy, foil print cushion cover can turn a simple couch into a disco one. There are innumerable choices between shapes as well as colours and patterns of cushion covers online to accentuate your every mood.  

Soft Spot

Comfort over everything! Large, soft cushions, especially clustered together, has the ability to make a space look cozy and inviting. You can even create new seating spaces in the room. By using large, plush cushions, you can transform a corner by the window into your new, favourite niche to sip on coffee or read your favourite book.

If all furniture elements of your house are edgy, cushions covers in mellow colour tones can add warmth to your space but if your furniture is the one that makes the statement, then monotoned cushions can act as a breathing element in the room, in turn giving more attention to the furniture design. A win-win!

Easy, Breezy. Affordable, Accessible

The best part about accessorising your home with many sets of cushions is that as soon as you wish, you can change the vibe of the space by changing the cushion cover, making make-overs simple and pocket friendly. With the whole world now more online-shopping friendly, to source your cushions online or buy cushion covers online has become much more convenient. Browse, cart, buy cushions online– Simple!

The perils of finding cushions online, or even the right colour and size to buy cushion covers online have been solved by Topfinel. Our style experts are available at all times to guide you through your ideation and execution – all from the comfort of your cushion-filled dream.