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How to match home curtains?

How to choose pure curtains?

Plan achoose the same color as the wall,or deeper than the wall;

For example,if the color for wall is khaki,the deeper color than khaki will be better ,like earth colour .

Gray is an inclusive color, so choose a deeper gray than the gray wall, Lively yet stable visual effects, highlight the atmosphere, bold, simple and high-end space atmosphere.

But it should be noticed that don’t choose low key,if your home space is not high and big enough.

This is Classic European Style,freshly and gracefully.Recommended index ranking first.

Attention! Attention! Attention! If you do not know how to choose the color,the gray is your first choice no matter white wall or wallpaper,it’s a perfect choice.

Plan b:Choose a color that is similar to the color of your home

The secondary colors usually come from those small and medium-sized objects with distinctive colors or unique patterns,Such as coffee table, rug, table lamp, cushion or other decorations,Choosing the same color as a small item such as a tea set will not result in too much of the same color in the space and will not be boring.

Common is the color of curtains to follow the color of the pillow, may be better, sometimes you can not tangle the design and colour, as long as the same color can be maintained.

Not only pure colors, design and colour choices also have to comply with this principle, curtains and curtains, respectively, with the pillow on the bed to make the whole more harmonious.


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